Westlake Agoura Girls Softball


Important Dates:

  • Coming in early January:

  •         6U - Introduction to WAGS Softball 

  •         Tee Ball - Introduction to WAGS Softball 

  •         8U and 12U Skills Evaluations 

  • 10U and 14U Skills Evaluations                                                            

  • Late January - Team drafts - you should get a call from the manager within a day after the draft.  Team meetings usually take place the last week of January.

  • First week of February - practices begin

  • Opening Day and Games typically begin the third week in FebruaryYour game schedule will be set once we have a final count of the number of teams and players.

  • April  - All Star Tryouts (as needed)

  • May - Regular Season Playoffs and All Star Drafts


    Question: How do I register my daughter?

    Answer: Click to http://wags411.org


    Question: How much is the cost?

    Answer: Click to http://wags411.org


    Question: What division will my daughter play in?

    Answer: The Amateur Softball Association (ASA), which WAGS is affiliated with, determines “league age” for the entire year based on the child’s age as of December 31st for that given year. 


    For the 2018 Spring Season (for the Fall 2017 season we recommend your daughter playing in the same division that she will play in during the Spring 2018 season)


    4 1/2 years to 5 years

    Birthdates from January 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013


    6 yrs old

    Players born in 2011


    7 & 8 yrs old

    Players born in 2009 & 20010


    9-10 Yrs old

    Players born in 2007 & 2008


    11-12 Yrs old

    Players born in 2005 & 2006


    13-14 Yrs old

    Players born in 2003 & 2004


    There can be exceptions to this, where a girl will “play up”, but this is determined by the Skills Evaluation Team and the Board on a case-by-case basis. 


    Question: If my daughter drops out? What is the refund policy?

    Answer: Please see our refund policy here: Refund Policy 


    Question: Can players live outside of Westlake-Agoura-Oak Park and still play in WAGS?

    Answer: Yes. There are no geographical restrictions to play in WAGS. If you can get here, you can play.


    Question: What if my daughter hasn't played before?

    Answer: No problem!  That’s what our recreation league is all about – learning to play.  WAGS spring recreation season is open to all girls, regardless of experience.  The season is designed to be instructional, challenging, and fun!  All age levels, every year, have players that are new to fastpitch softball – even within 12-and-under (12U) and 14-and-under (14U) age groups.  Each year the teams are created from scratch using a skill assessment and drafting system aimed at balancing the teams in abilities.  Every team has a mix of new players and experienced ones.


    Question: I have registered my daughter for the Spring Season... now what?

    Answer: Mark your calendar and be sure your daughter attends the Skills Evaluation day.  T-Ball girls (ages 4 1/2 - 5) and girls in 6U do not attend the skills evaluation. During the last week of January, the managers will use a drafting system to form and balance the teams in abilities.  During the week of the draft you will hear from your child’s manager, providing you with information about the parent's meeting, first practices, team rosters, team contact information, etc.  Also check the website's homepage for relevant season start up information. 


    Question: What is Skills Evaluation?

    Answer: It is not a "try-out"... EVERYONE makes a team.  It is merely a way for us to determine each girl's skill level so we can make fair and balanced teams. At the skills evaluation, the girls will be put through a series of drills to evaluate throwing, catching (infield & outfield), running and batting.

    Question: Can my two daughters be on the same team?   

    Answer: Yes. As long as they qualify for the same age group.


    Question: Can we get my daughter’s friend on the same team for carpooling purposes?   

    Answer: The teams are formed by a draft process to ensure fair and equal placement of players among teams. Because of this process, we cannot guarantee her friend will be on the same team. In the 8U & 10U divisions we generally honor most of the requests. In the Tee Ball and 6U divisions we first honor special requests and then try to group the girls with their classmates (schools) to make it a more enjoyable experience for them.


    Question: What will I have to purchase when the Season starts?

    Answer: The players need to provide their own glove, helmet, bat and rubber cleats see our equipment page for more details. The team manager may ask the parents to donate money for team hats/visors and a banner.


    Question: When and where are the games played?

    Answer: Tee-Ball, 6U & 8U Teams usually have one game on Saturday or one game on Sunday. 10U/12U/14U teams will have two games in seven days usually on the weekends. Games are played at multiple parks & schools in our area. Note: We are trying to have our Tee Ball teams only play on the weekend (one day if possible) and no weekday practices. We won’t know until we see how many have signed up to see if this is feasible… but it is in the discussions and everyone likes the idea.


    Question: When will the manager call me to start the season?

    Answer: All players (except Tee Ball and 6U) must attend the skills evaluation day. All teams will be formed during draft week (see calendar). Your team manager will contact you as soon as the team has been formed.


    Question: What time are games and practices held?   

    Answer: Weekday games will begin at 5:00 p.m. Saturday game times will begin at 9:00 a.m. Sunday game times usually start after 12 noon with an occasional game before. Games will continue until approximately 6:00 p.m. Please keep in mind that your manager will want you at the field forty-five minutes to one hour prior to game time so that your daughter is warmed up properly. Practices can start as early as 4:00 p.m. during the week. Practice times and days are up to the manager to select. Note: We are trying to have our Tee Ball teams only play on the weekend (one day if possible) and no weekday practices. We won’t know until we see how many have signed up to see if this is feasible… but it is in the discussions and everyone likes the idea.


    Question: How long are the practices and games?

    Answer: Practices during the season are generally 90 minutes as teams share the field and will spend 45 minutes in the outfield practicing on outfield and hitting drills and then 45 minutes in the infield to work on infielding, base running, and game situations. Note: Some managers may extend the time from time to time to work on specific drills or skills. This will be at the manager's discretion. Games are 1 hour for Tee Ball, 1 hour 15 minutes for 6U, and 1 hour 30 minutes for 8U and up.


    Question: Are private lessons required?   

    Answer: Absolutely not. Let us clarify this point. Private lessons are not required but if your daughter is a pitcher it is strongly advised because it is a skill that most managers are not able to teach and there is not enough time for individual pitching instruction during the team practices. If your daughter is an advanced player and has a desire to play in the post season All Star season, hitting and/or fielding lessons are definitely an advantage, but again, not a requirement. 


    Question: What volunteer positions are still needed?

    Answer: Our league is solely made up of volunteers and we could use as much help as you are willing to lend. At the first team meeting, your manager will ask for volunteers to help as team sponsor, scorekeeper, concession coordinator, yearbook coordinator, picture day helper, team parent, field set-up parent, asst. coach, or website parent. Please help out and volunteer your time.


    Question: Do I have to work in the snack bar?

    Answer: Yes - The snack bar works as a year round fundraiser to help the league. We can’t keep the snack bar open without parent volunteers. Each family will be asked to volunteer one game during the season and possibly one during the playoffs.


    Question: Do I have to stay at practices and games?   

    Answer: We strongly encourage parents to attend practices and games. If you must leave, be sure that you are back on time to pick up your daughter. The manager cannot leave the field until he/she makes certain that all players have been picked up.


    Question: Who do I call if I have problems with my manager, uniform, fundraiser, etc.?   

     Answer: You should always try to solve any problems through your team manager first. If he/she does not seem able to resolve your issue, you can contact the Division Director, or any Board Member. All directors can be reached via our Board of Directors page.


    Question: I am a team manager/coach. Can I hold my team practices anywhere I want?

    Answer: No. You may only practice at the time and place scheduled by the Director of Scheduling. Our insurance only covers us for fields that are assigned to us by the Cities of Agoura, Agoura Hills, Oak Park, and Westlake Village or the Oak Park, Las Virgenes, and Conejo Valley School Districts.


    Question: How long is the season?

    Answer: Spring Season typically runs from the last week in February to the first week in May.


    Question: I have read all of the Q&A on this page and I still have questions. Who do I contact?

    Answer: You may contact us at registration@wags411.org.


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